About Us

Stevenson’s Modeling Agency is owned and managed by Darlene Stevenson.  As a successful agent, Darlene has collected decades of experience in model management.  She continues to share her passion and knowledge through discovering and managing her own portfolio of models and actors.

At Stevenson’s Modeling Agency, we are constantly evolving to represent today’s trends.  We understand the industry’s need for diversity, new talent, and outgoing personalities.  SMA makes a continual effort to adjust with the changing times and make lasting impressions.  Successfully, we pair our models with projects ranging from fashion editorials to television productions.

SMA talent can be found on national runways, magazine covers, advertisements, television screens, and more.

Darlene Stevenson

Darlene Stevenson

Owner/ Agent / Coach

As a successful agent with John Casablanca/Elite, Darlene Stevenson collected years of experience in model management. Through Stevenson’s Modeling Agency, she continues to discover and manage her own portfolio of models and actors.

For over three decades, Darlene has operated her agency on a strong foundation of unparalleled client service. She understands the need for talent across every industry and has built her name as a leading agent in Virginia, representing models nationwide. Her personal achievement comes from the success of her models and the satisfaction of her clientele. Ms. Stevenson’s ability to manage a large model portfolio and consistently deliver and provide personal attention to clients is just one example of her dedicated work ethic.