Working with Stevenson’s Modeling Agency has been an absolute pleasure and privilege. From my initial experience as a model to eventually becoming her intern, I have witnessed firsthand the incredible impact she has on everyone around her.

Stevenson exudes kindness, positivity, and influence in everything she does. Her dedication to her cause and her unwavering support for the community are truly commendable. She doesn’t just talk about making a difference, she lives it every day.

As a role model, Stevenson sets the bar high for everyone around her. Her passion for purpose is infectious, motivating everyone to strive for greatness and reach their full potential. Whether you’re a model under her guidance or a member of the community, she goes above and beyond to ensure that you succeed.

What sets Stevenson apart is her genuine care for others. She became the godmother to my child, showcasing her deep connections and commitment to those she works with. Her involvement in supporting local high schools and organizing events like the annual CHKD Love Run reflects her dedication to giving back and making a positive impact.

In summary, Stevenson’s Modeling Agency isn’t just about fashion and glamour. It’s about empowering individuals, supporting the community and fostering a culture of kindness and success. I wholeheartedly recommend Stevenson’s Modeling Agency to anyone looking to be part of something truly special.

Sabrina Shumate February 2024

Teacher Cox High School

Darlene is great! I’ve had a good amount of work from Stevenson’s Modeling Agency, and learned so much! I would definitely recommend the private coaching with Darlene, I learned things about etiquette I had never even thought about before. I love being a part of Stevenson’s Modeling Agency!

Reese Jacobo

December 2023

Darlene is so sincere and intenional about those she works with and will invest just as much of herself into you as you do into her and her modeling for SMA. Her dedication and expertise has not only made me a better model, but a more confident and better person all the way around – I truly cannot recommend her enough! 

Cara Copeland

December 2023

I have been working with Darlene/ Stevenson’s Modeling Agency since the beginning of 2023, and the experience has been remarkable. She has provided me with many professional modeling/ acting opportunities from day one. Furthermore, she has displayed compassion, respect, professionalism, and empathy. She checks in with me before and after every photo shoot and provides me with advice, guidance, and support. I have also had the opportunity to see her interact and function as a mentor for children with the agency. Stevenson’s Modeling Agency is the cream of the crop!

Kevin Banks

September 2023

Darlene Stevenson has been coaching and developing my children as models and professionals for five years. She gives everything and then more into every client and model she works with, and it shows! My son and daughter each have so much fun at every job they book, all while gaining confidence and poise. Having worked with clients mutiple times, she’s built strong, lasting relationships and clients’ respect and trust. Our family has loved working with Darlene all these years and are looking forward to many more!

Sara Ramirez

September 2023

Miss Darlene is the best!! My six and eight year olds are models with her agency. They love Miss Darlene. We all do. She is extremely professional; and takes her role as owner very seriously. Her modeling classes are wonderful. Not only do they show the models how to walk and stand the correct war regarding posture… they also implement politeness, learning manners and life etiquette. Something everyone should know, not just her models. On my son’s 1st job, she made his time on the set a very comfrotable and fun experience for him. She genuinely cares for her models and wants the best for them. She not only wants them to succeed in modeling, but in life as well. So, if you’re looking for a warm, inviting, caring, fun and EXTREMELY professional modeling agency, then Stevenson’s Modeling Agency is definitely for you.

Shannon Nicholson

March 2023

I just want to say that I’m very impressed with the work that Darlene provides for her models. I definitely had my doubts about working in the modeling industry, but Darlene put them all to rest. Darlene is definitely a very caring agent and truly does coach you to be a better person. I am very glad that I have decided to give Darlene a chance becasue she’s given me good opportunities and a lot of chances to make modeling work for me. 

Darrian Cruz

March 2023

I first met Darlene as a sophomore in high school, and I was immediately impressed with her professionalism, work ethic, and youthful spirit. Six years later, I am still working alongside her and consider her a close friend. Although I am not in the modeling business, I have learned so much from Darlene, which is a testament to her breadth of knowledge. SMA is extremely dedicated to its work with the ultimate goal being to develop strong, confident, and kind people, not just great models. This experience has provided me with a behind the scenes look at truly how hard working and passionate Darlene is about her business and everyone around her. Darlene is a shining light in this world, and I could not recommend anyone better to represent you and be a part of your life!

Megan Brunick

SMA Intern

I have been in customer service for the military and government for over 45 years, I have worked with Stevenson’s Modeling Agency since 2003 for several projects. The acute details and professionalism displayed each time we’ve worked together has been the key in my continued business with Stevenson’s Modeling Agency. This diamond 5 star service operates above any expectation… true professional!

Richard McCloud

February 2023

I met Darlene when I was very young, about three or four. My first job was for the tourism of Virginia Beach, VA. I remember it being SO COLD, and I was playing around in swim tubes on the beach. Little did I know at the time, Darlene would become a life long friend of mine and my family. My early exposure to clothing and photo shoots led me to Los Angeles, CA, where I attended The Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising. My career kept me in Los Angeles, then sent me to New York and back to Los Angeles again. I had a few bumps along the way…losing my mom to cancer and beating cancer myself. I am currently on year two of my remission journey, and that is my greatest accomplishment of all. Darlene and I will always stay connected through my mom and all the memories we had together. Congratulations Darlene on all of your success!

Chelsea Stroud

Former Model