Darlene Stevenson has been a part of my life for over two decades. She started as my mentor, became my friend, and is now part of my family. Our relationship started in high school when she helped me gain confidence in myself and become a local model. After a few years, she taught me the art of multitasking by giving me an amazing opportunity to be her intern. Fast forward to today, I am a mom, wife, and teacher. Her presence in my life has propelled me to the success I see. She continues to push me to be better, to give back when I can, and to find the good in all situations. She is part of my past, present, and future. She is filled with love that has no boundaries, and I am blessed to know her. She is my fairy godmother. I look up to her so much and hope one day to be at least half as amazing as she is.

Sabrina Shumate

Former Model

Stevenson’s Modeling Agency has always gone above and beyond for every project I have had the pleasure of working with them on. Darlene and SMA is a huge part of why I have been able to be successful as a producer and why “A Haunting” (Airs on TLC and Destination America) has captured such talented actors. In my time at New Dominion Pictures, Darlene and SMA have proven to be a wonderful asset to the film community here in Hampton Roads.

Katie Barrie

Producer of "A Haunting"

I began working with Darlene as an impressionable sixteen-year-old. Luckily for me, Darlene was the exact right person to help me gain confidence, grace, and most importantly, gratitude. She has been mentoring young women for years, making a unique, lifelong connection with each person. I was working for Darlene when she started teaching the “Be Your Best” seminars. Watching shy, scared kids and preteens walk into the seminars and walk out, only a few hours later, as completely different people is a memory that I cherish. The confidence she instills in those she is around is priceless. Darlene teaches modeling and etiquette: how to introduce yourself, shake hands, accept gifts, walk a runway, set a table, and even how to control a boardroom. But hidden in those classes is the true lesson: being grateful for what you have, standing tall, and being a positive force in the world.

Hannah Sabo

Former Model

I have never worked with such a wonderful talent and modeling agent as Darlene Stevenson with Stevenson’s Modeling Agency. I have booked and auditioned hundreds of talent through her agency, and it is always a smooth and painless process. Darlene’s talent is always prepared, well groomed, and eager which makes every shoot successful! It is rare to find such a dedicated and easy to work with professional. Thank you Darlene!

Allison McCallum Moore

Casting Director

I was modeling before I even knew the long-term impact it would have on my life. As a little girl I was posing in baby campaigns, modeling toddler swimmies, kid slippers, and everything in between. Stevenson’s Modeling Agency welcomed me with open arms and saw potential in me that I had not yet realized. Their dedicated staff treated me with the utmost respect every step of my journey. I continued to model with SMA in local and national campaigns from when I was a baby into my early 20s. Every step of the way they were there to support me personally and professionally. SMA taught me pertinent life lessons about self confidence, public speaking, how to dress and how to carry myself with poise and class. After college, I pursued my modeling career in New York City and have been blessed to model for a wide range of companies including Victoria’s Secret, Target, Walmart, Shoshanna, Brandon Maxwell, Zac Posen, and countless others. SMA established the building blocks necessary for me to succeed in diverse modeling markets and propelled me to where I am today!

Jamie Hughes

Former Model

I’ve known Darlene Stevenson since she was twirling a baton as a Kempsville Chief Majorette. It was no surprise to me when she started her career to help others achieve the grace and poise she had by starting her own business. Twenty nine years later, she is still going strong helping children, men, and women with their dreams to become models. Whether it is big or small jobs, Darlene always delivers. I have so much respect for anyone who can overcome odds.

Jodie Woodard

Event & Sponsorship Manager, Southern Auto Group

Being with this agency was one of the best decisions I could have made. Booking jobs like Dollar Tree, Virginia Beach Tour Guide, a TCC Commerial, Agio Furniture, “A Haunting” TV series, and the list goes on! Thank you Darlene for always thinking of the people in your agency and fighting for us to get the job. Whenever Darlene calls, it is to let me know she got me the job and to make sure I am available. No other agency does that but you, and for that I thank you.

Deonna Thompson

Former Model

It has been an absolute pleasure working with and getting to know Darlene over the years. She was the first agent I met with in the beginning of my modeling career, and she gave me straight-to-the-point advice as a mentor. She really helped me better understand the industry and has become almost like a second mother to me. We had the fortune of winning ACHI Magazine Awards alongside each other which is a moment I will always cherish. Thank you Darlene for all you do!

Rachel Faulkner

Former Model

I first met Darlene as a sophomore in high school, and I was immediately impressed with her professionalism, work ethic, and youthful spirit. Six years later, I am still working alongside her and consider her a close friend. Although I am not in the modeling business, I have learned so much from Darlene, which is a testament to her breadth of knowledge. SMA is extremely dedicated to its work with the ultimate goal being to develop strong, confident, and kind people, not just great models. This experience has provided me with a behind the scenes look at truly how hard working and passionate Darlene is about her business and everyone around her. Darlene is a shining light in this world, and I could not recommend anyone better to represent you and be a part of your life!

Megan Brunick

SMA Intern

I have been with Stevenson’s Modeling Agency for almost ten years now. From my first modeling job to the present, Darlene has been amazing to work with the entire time! I am very appreciative of all the hard work that goes on behind the scenes. Darlene not only books you for exciting jobs, but she also cares about how you are doing. She is so encouraging and thoughtful; I also love how honest and straightforward she is. I have learned so much from her and continue to build upon my skills everytime I work with her. I would recommend Stevenson’s Modeling Agency to anyone!

Eugenia Gonzales


I met Darlene when I was very young, about three or four. My first job was for the tourism of Virginia Beach, VA. I remember it being SO COLD, and I was playing around in swim tubes on the beach. Little did I know at the time, Darlene would become a life long friend of mine and my family. My early exposure to clothing and photo shoots led me to Los Angeles, CA, where I attended The Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising. My career kept me in Los Angeles, then sent me to New York and back to Los Angeles again. I had a few bumps along the way…losing my mom to cancer and beating cancer myself. I am currently on year two of my remission journey, and that is my greatest accomplishment of all. Darlene and I will always stay connected through my mom and all the memories we had together. Congratulations Darlene on all of your success!

Chelsea Stroud

Former Model